General Information:

The Tuk Tuk reaches a speed of 50 km per hour and comes with a Dutch registration. They are very easy to maintain, and need less space . With a fully charged battery it has a radius of 98 kilometers, depending on the circumstances. With the supplied battery charger you can charge the tuk tuk easily at home.


- Engine 4 kw, 60 Volt
- Max 50 km / h
- Maximum range: 115 km
- Length: 309 cm
- Width: 120 cm
- Height: 181 cm (sizes may vary by model)
- Mass empty: 579 kg
- Loading capacity: 375 kg


Our Tuk Tuk is made up of high value materials and is build in a modern factory. The dashboard is simple, functional and easy to read. The operation is very simple, the shift lever forward, easy acceleration and braking. Same for the reverse, here sounds a warning signal. The electric motor ensures smooth acceleration so you can come along well in citytraffic.

Tuk Tuk Taxi:

This model is designed for the transport of persons. In addition to the driver two passengers can ride comfortably. The lounge is large and the driver has a good view of the road. The operation is easy and makes the Tuk Tuk good to maneuver through narrow streets. The electric engine ensures that the Tuk Tuk makes no sound and increases the comfort for driver and passengers. For the driver and passenger there are 3-point seatbelts.

Tuk Tuk Cargo:

Equipped with a solid square case, this model is specially constructed for the carriage of goods over short distances. The cargo area is lockable. In and out is easy, operation is by simple forward and backward lever and handling is very easy so that the driver can drive smoothly.

Tuk Tuk Pick Up (with removable cover):

A Tuk Tuk pick up equipped with a cover. The cover is easy to take off or to mount so in all weather goods can be transported dry. This Tuk Tuk is intended for the maintenance and green building sector. You can easily pack goods, transport and carry equal waste as leaves and branches. This model is durable and flexible to use. The electric drive combined with easy operation and high load capacity makes this a real workhorse.